Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello Four More Years

SGS is Long (As of close of 4/30/2012)

Action on Friday was very disappointing for bulls, but I still think as soon as the election is over indices will rally into Christmas.

As far as election goes it's over imo, Obama will get his second term, Reps lose a few seats in the house, but still keep it, Dems gain 1 to 3 seats in the senate and keep that. I think Market might initially sell off maybe Wed AM, then it will rally hard into next year.

If we have no president by Wed AM (less than 1% chance imo), Market will go down hard on Wed and continue going down until it's sorted out again by the SC which would give presidency to Romney (5-4) sometime in Dec or early Jan.
If that happens, I would close all long positions and start opening short positions.

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