Sunday, March 16, 2014

Once Again Doom And Gloom Is Abound .... Another Buying Opportunity

RTS Long Term Current and Past Portfolios
Updated for 0.5 buy on 3/13
RTS is selling VOD and buying TSLA in its place on Monday near the open
(VOD initial buy on 3/7 was a computational error due to Reuters erroneous EOD data for VOD)

Indices Long Term Current and Past Portfolios
Updated for 0.5 buy on 3/13

DJI not only did not confirm highs in other four major indices (DJT, NAZ, RUT and SPX), but also lead indices lower last week.  That was certainly disappointing for bulls, but does not mean the beginning of the end for the bull run.  Major indices are on average are only 2.6% down from their all time highs.  Again that's 2.6%, not 26%  as fear mongering doom and gloomers want us to believe.  

Facts are:
  • All Major indices are trading above their 100 and 200 D-SMA.  In fact, all major indices, except for DJI, are trading above their 50 D-SMA.
  • New 52 week highs out numbered new 52 week lows everyday last week both on NYSE and Nasdaq.
  • QE Infinity is still pumping $65 billion a month into our economy and very likely will continue for a while.  The Fed would not hesitate to substantially increase the monthly QE amount if signs of deflation are seen in our economy.
  • Economically speaking, Ukraine is a nobody.
  • WW-III is not about to start next week.
Chances are good that indices go sideways for the next couple of weeks before they start going higher again.

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