Sunday, June 29, 2014

SPX Is On Edge

SGS Market Timer Status:   NEUTRAL 
Neutral as of close of 6/19/2014

RTS Long Term Current and Past Portfolios
RTS Portfolio long positions were closed on (Fri 6/20).  RTS Portfolio is in cash now.
Being on edge and indecisive is not particularly a comfortable place to be.  For that reason, SPX is going to make its move this coming week:
  • (A) Higher (80%): SPX starts a rally on Monday and continues its summer rally to 2000 and beyond.

  • (B) Lower (20%): SPX sells off to test its AUL (orange) and support around mid 1920's.
All last week, internals were remarkably strong and dips were bought aggressively.

Happy Fourth Everyone.


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