Sunday, June 27, 2021

How Helicopter Ben Killed Bond Vigilantes

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Why Market Timing Is A Must

Sometime  during one of the darker days of October of 2008, while the industrial world's economies and financial markets were teetering on the edge of an historic collapse, Ben Bernanke decided to put the Modern Monetary Theory to work in hope of preventing the world from sinking into a depression.  By doing so, he effectively killed all "Bond Vigilantes" and ushered in a new financial era.  An era in which central banks around the world buy as much government and corporate debts as necessary in order to keep the their economies growing and their workforce employed.

Since 2008, through its primary dealers, the Fed has bought around seven trillion dollars of government and corporate debts.  Barring any substantial and sustained inflation in labor and energy costs, there is absolutely nothing out there that would stop the Fed from doing what it has been doing for the last 13 years, buying more debt. 

For the foreseeable future, the Fed will continue creating money out of thin air to purchase more government and corporate debts.  That pushes the value of the money lower and hence asset prices must go higher.

SGS Market Timer

As of the close of last Friday (6/25), the value of SGS was calculated to be +496 and the status of SGS remains LONG.

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My Plan

SGS is LONG and my plan is to stay with my long positions.


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