Sunday, February 24, 2013

20 D-SMA Is The Critical Support Now

RTS Long Term Current and Past Portfolios
On 2/21 MS replaced PXP and on  2/22 SWY replaced WDC

SPX sold off and successfully tested its support at its 20 D-SMA.  This week is critical as we enter a seasonably week period.  For rally to continue, SPX must close above its 20 D-SMA for the week otherwise a move to test 50 D-SMA is likely.
I didn't buy as we sold off because the sell off on Thursday signaled a possible move to 50 D-SMA.  My plan is to see how things develop on Monday.  If it looks like 20 D-SMA is going to hold, I would do 1/2 of my 3rd buy and wait to do the second 1/2 after we clear recent highs.

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