Sunday, July 26, 2015

SGS Market Timer Is SHORT ... Selling Continues

SGS Market Timer Status:  SHORT 
SHORT as of close of 7/24/2015

RTS Current Portfolio (2015) 

RTS Past Portfolios (2008-2014)

SGS Market Timer has turned "SHORT" as of close of last Friday 7/24.  All 5 major indices (DJI, DJT, SPX, RUT and NAZ) are in confirmed downtrend now.

Market sold off everyday last week despite good earnings reported.  SPX broke through its short term uptrend line and closed solidly below all important 2100 support.  At this point chance are good that SPX, after a brief rally, sells off to test its 200 D-SMA.  A close below 200 D-SMA, which is highly likely, would signal more selling to test PUL's around upper 1900.

My plan is to open short positions early this coming week.  A good entry point would be when SPX back tests old support at 2100, very likely tomorrow.  My plan is to short DIA, SPY, IWM and QQQ (1st of 4 short sells) in margin accounts and buy SH, PSQ and RWM (1st of 3 buys) in cash accounts.

SPX: S&P 500 Index    D-SMA: Daily - Simple Moving Average
DJI: Dow Jones Industrial Index    D-EMA: Daily - Exponential Moving Average
DJT: Dow Jones Transportation Index    PDL: Primary Downtrend Line
NAZ: NASDAQ Composite Index    PUL: Primary Uptrend Line
RUT: Russell 2000 Index    ADL: Active Downtrend Line
OEX: S&P 100 Index    AUL: Active Uptrend Line
NDX: Nasdaq 100 Index    DTL: Dynamic Trend Line 

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