Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Selling Is Coming Our Way

SGS is NEUTRAL (As of close of 3/6/2012)
In CASH (closed all positions @ SPX 1254 on 12/22/2011)
In CASH (closed all positions on 4/20/2012 at close)
Opening Following positions at open on Monday 4/23/2012 and closing on Friday 4/27 at close.
  • Longs (10 Positions Equal $): AMGN  NRG  DECK  BMRN  PSA  OKE  GIL  DISCK  FRT  PGNX
  • Shorts (10 Positons Equal $):  SPY in all 10 positions
SPX is about to test its Primary Uptrend Line again tomorrow.  A close below that line would definitely bring on more selling which could send SPX down to test supports at 1360 and 1340 sometime this week.