Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In RTS Divident Portfolio: Selling CXS and Buying SCCO

SGS is Long (As of close of 4/30/2012) 

Long Term Current and Past Portfolios
In RTS Portfolio, RTS is selling GPS and buying GMCR in its place tomorrow (Wed) at the open.

New Long Term Dividend Portfolios
In the new RTS Dividend Portfolio, RTS is selling CXS and buying SCCO in its place tomorrow (Wed) at the open.

The rally that started on 11/16 is still intact.  I still expect new post 08/09 crash highs for all major indices sometime this year assuming the worthless in DC reach a compromise and come up with a reasonable plan to raise revenue and cut spending.  I am not holding my breath, we could actually go over "the cliff" which would cause unprecedented chaos in all markets worldwide (an excellent buying opportunity, lol).

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