Monday, December 17, 2012

Market Is Predicting A Budget Agreement

Long Term Current and Past Portfolios

New Long Term Dividend Portfolios

Despite selling in indices last week, market breadth and number of new highs actually improved signaling that any future selling in indices would be limited.  Also, selling last week put in the right shoulder of a possible inverse H&S price formation for most major indices.  

I except a very choppy trading week ahead, but chances are good now that indices eventually rally later in the week.  That means Market is predicting that a budget agreement will be reached by end of his coming week or at least significant progress is made toward an agreement.

Per my plan all long positions both in RTS and RTS dividend long term portfolios were closed last week.  My plan is to buy dips and open new long positions in both long term portfolios starting this week.  I will post my picks tomorrow.

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