Friday, October 31, 2014

SGS Market Timer Is LONG

SGS Market Timer Status:   LONG 
as of close of 10/30/2014

Long Term Current and Past Portfolios
In Cash - updated for recent dividend activities

SGS Market Timer is LONG as of close of  Thursday Oct 30.  SGS is a mechanical timer and it turning from "NEUTRAL" to "LONG" has nothing to do with the BOJ announcement (Last night the Bank of Japan  announced another round of buy larger quantities of government debt in an effort to battle deflation).

Two days ago I posted on my FB page:

"This V-shape recovery since SPX 1820 is either a big bull trap or Janet / Mario are up to something (i.e. another QE)."

"But this is like as if nothing has changed and QE Infinitely is really infinitely long."

"Maybe it is and we're the ones who don't know yet, as usual :)".

I have a hunch that Big Money knew all along about the BOJ announcement, probably since mid October.   We are gonna hear about that when some poor BOJ sap appears on Japaneses TV crying his eyes out (new Japaneses harakiri) and apologizing for leaking information.

I closed my short positions in mid October when SGS switched from SHORT to NEUTRAL. I'm not planning to open long positions today (more on my plans this weekend).

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